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TrustWorks Upholds the Highest Standards

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With over 6+ years of contract manufacturing experience in softgel, capsule, and gummy manufacturing, TrustWorks makes developing your unique line of supplement vitamin products as seamless as possible.

World-Class Formulations

World-Class Formulations

We’ve worked on over 1,000 projects and have experience with many types of ingredients. We know what works and doesn’t.

Natural, Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free

Natural, Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free

Are you looking to make claims such as Natural, Organic, non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Carageen-free, and more? We can help you achieve your goals.

Low Minimums

Low Minimums

Unlike other contract manufacturers, we know the potential of new or small brands and want to be there by your side from the start.

Full-Service Manufacturing

Full-Service Manufacturing

We offer end-to-end production solutions, including R&D, packaging & labeling, and graphic design.

TrustWorks Contract Manufacturing Services

Leveraging years of expertise in manufacturing, product development, research, testing, and formulation, our team delivers comprehensive turn-key solutions for our partners.

  • Softgel Manufacturing
  • Capsule Manufacturing
  • Custom Gummy Manufacturing
  • Liquid & Tincture Formulations
  • Private Label Options
  • Research & Development
  • Custom Formulation & Flavoring
  • Packaging & Label Solutions
  • Ingredient Sourcing

Unwavering Quality and Compliance: Your Assurance of Excellence

At TrustWorks, we don't just promise quality; we prove it through rigorous standards and certifications. Proudly Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 certified, our commitment to excellence is the foundation of every product we manufacture. Operating out of a state-of-the-art, FDA-Registered facility in Los Angeles, USA, we ensure that every item produced meets the highest benchmarks of quality and safety.

Over Six Years of Proven Manufacturing Excellence

TrustWorks stands distinguished in the softgel and gummy manufacturing field with our management team alone bringing over 50 years of combined experience. Specializing in the production of gummies, softgels, capsules, and tincture formulations, our expertise extends through every process from inception to packaging. This extensive background ensures that we understand the intricacies of our industry and are equipped to handle any challenge, guaranteeing top-quality production and efficient service for our clients.

99%+ Retention Rate

TrustWorks is proud to boast a 99% client retention rate, a testament to the enduring partnerships we foster and the consistent satisfaction we deliver. Our clients choose to stay with us year after year, often expanding their product lines, due to the superior quality of our gummies, softgels, capsules, and other services we offer. This loyalty underscores our ability to not only meet but exceed client expectations with products that their customers love. Our commitment to excellence in every batch we produce ensures that once clients experience the TrustWorks advantage, they continue to choose us as their trusted manufacturing partner.

Competitive Pricing

At TrustWorks, we believe in offering our clients competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our strategic sourcing of raw materials, optimized production processes, and efficient supply chain management allow us to reduce costs and pass these savings onto our clients. Whether you're launching a new product or scaling an existing one, our pricing models are designed to support your growth and profitability in a demanding market.

Fast Turnaround Times

Understanding the dynamic nature of the health and wellness markets, TrustWorks is committed to providing exceptionally fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Our streamlined operations, combined with advanced manufacturing technologies and thorough logistical planning, enable us to meet tight deadlines. This responsiveness ensures that our clients can swiftly move from product development to market launch, keeping pace with consumer demands and staying ahead of the competition.

We Manufacture Vitamins & Supplements for Major Retail Chain Vendors

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Partner with a Trusted Contract Manufacturer

At TrustWorks, our vision is to empower partners with seamless manufacturing, formulation, and packaging solutions, enabling them to channel their energies into brand growth. Whther you need custom gummy or softgel capsule manufacturing, TrustWorks will always go above & beyond for our clients.